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5.0 out of 5 stars Be's gonna be a roller coaster ride of adventure!!

By Stephenee on January 10, 2017

* I received an ebook from the author, but that in no way influences my review or opinion of the book. *

This is my first book by author Erin McFadden and it will not be my last!! She grabs the readers attention from the very start and never lets it go! I lost a bit of sleep over this book, and by a bit I mean a lot...I couldn't stop reading it - every time I said that I was going to stop reading I continued to tell myself one more chapter....just one more....Yep, it's that compelling, that original, that good....

The location of the book is a typical college town, but the residents are anything but typical once the virus invades. Zach and Zoe are twins that are living in the only "zombie" proof house in the town, but they didn't know that....they also have a bit of an immunity to the virus...but that doesn't mean they are immune to death....

Elliott and his sister Bri are kind-of responsible for the virus and they are working to contain it....until they can't do it alone anymore. They run into Zach and Zoe and there is some type of instant connection....can the 4 of them stop the invasion? Can they survive? This book answers a lot of the readers questions, but it also raises some as prepared to have to wait for book 2 to find out the answers to everything that we have been wondering...

The plot is unique, the author's writing style is fun, fast and very detailed. I enjoyed everything about this book, from the relationships, to the location, to the small details that the author throws in to make the reader feel like they are actually in the story with the characters. It is a fast paced, zoom through the pages read that you will instantly want to start reading again to see what you missed the first time through.

Be prepared to give up sleep, family time, and work so that you can devote your time to this book - it is that good!! Add this one and her others to your TBR list as you have just found a new favorite author! Enjoy! 

5.0 out of 5 starsWhat a WONDERFUL sequel to one of my new favorite series

ByNora Lee Majorson December 10, 2016

What a WONDERFUL sequel to one of my new favorite series! I could not stop reading! You MUST READ this series. It will keep you wanting more! I can't wait to see what will happen next! If you enjoy reading about beautiful love stories, thrilling adventures, and alluring science fiction, Erin McFadden is for you! Also, LOVE the cover art! Erin, thank you for making my world a better place!

5.0 out of 5 starsMuse (1 of series)

ByTinaon September 30, 2016

I downloaded Muse as a free book from Amazon. A fresh concept and excellent execution made this an enjoyable read. I loved the protagonists Anna and Daniel-- they were well-matched. The pacing was fast, and steady, but readers can easily keep up with the action. A surprising gem and excellent promise for a series.

4.0 out of 5 stars FINALLY an accurate portrayal of a military man By Cherylon March 12, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

I have to admit that this was my first ever Erin McFadden book and I am kicking myself because this was the second in the series. Do I regret reading it first? NOT AT ALL. It was that good. I didn't understand who Anna and Daniel were, but I pieced it together without knowing their back story. I greatly appreciated the fact that this was truly a standalone novel that could be read as such. There was enough mention of the first couple in the series that I know they are significant, but not so much that it nulls the couple in this book: Porter and Claire.
For some time now, I have avoided reading military books because I was raised in and around military life that I know more than I say and understand more than I care to. It is a sore spot for me when a book embellishes on so much or talks about things they do not know. And for this I have to mention the author's real life sources of information: Scott  and Jon  and salute them because it was as close to reality as it could possibly get. Porter's military career was indeed a key part of this story and I appreciate the teamwork between the author and these men to make it as accurate as it was portrayed. Bravo.
"I've always been broken, Porter. You just can't see my scars."
I definitely will look into more of Erin McFadden's work after reading this book. It was well written and had good characters. I just feel like the story is not finished. I feel there is still more that needs to be told. Great read.


4.0 out of 5 stars An intriguing and captivating story! By Corissaon January 28, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Talent (Descended from Myth: Book Two)

I have never read a story by Erin McFadden prior to reading Talent. I was introduced to the story through a blog on fb that gave a brief description and I knew I had to read it.
Straight away I was hooked by Erin's captivating story telling. Within the first few pages I was hooked. The characters feel genuine, as if I low them. The scene set was beautifully descriptive and left me immersed in their world.
Porter and Claire are so compelling in their roles, I couldn't help but pull for them to make it through to happier times. I was immediately drawn to Claire's mysterious ways and to Porter's tragic past.
I was very pleased when I found out this was a series, only slightly disappointed I started with book 2. I can't wait to read Muse and every other story Erin puts out! I highly recommend this story to the YA audience and adults alike!

5.0 out of 5 stars Cannot live without reading this book

By Barbara Stokeron January 28, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Talent (Descended from Myth: Book Two)

This is so different than anything I've ever read. Balls to the walls amazing. I couldn't put it down. I'm not sure if there is anything out there even close to this book, if there is I haven't found it. I was sitting on the edge of my seat, or pacing waiting and reading to see what happened next. It's sooooooooooooo amazingly epic read. If you want a new to you author and want to read something so good you won't stop reading until the last page, then this is it. I cannot wait for more. I received this book as a arc for my honest opinion.

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