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"Stacy’s face distorted, twisting into an expression of horror as she dropped her umbrella and began to claw at my grip with her free hand. I needed to let go, but oh, God, it felt so good. The velvet of her skin under my fingertips, the sensations flowing from my hand into my very core. It felt like I was glowing."
Romance is tricky when other people are repulsed by even the slightest touch of your flesh. Hell, everyday life is difficult. Particularly when deep down inside, I know I’m a monster. Why do I crave something so obviously twisted and wrong?
I planned to end it all, but SHE had other ideas.
My name is Cage McCormick, and an angel smashed through my kitchen window to stop me from killing myself. She claims she can help me feel whole for the first time in my life, but I can’t shake the suspicion that I’m going to see a lot more darkness before I’m ever led into the light.

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