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The first book in the series, Shattered Moonlight, is a USA Today bestseller! Now a trilogy, readers can continue the adventure in Fractured Moonlight and Splintered Moonlight. 



The USA Today bestselling novel:

Shattered Moonlight
By: K.L. Bone & Erin McFadden

Every night, the wolf wailed his sorrow to the lonely moon.
Every sunrise, her heart echoed his mournful call.

     Celine treads a worn path through the cursed wood to pray beneath the Hawthorn tree for her sister’s safe return. The trail is dangerous—her nightly pilgrimage is stalked by monsters who dwell in the murky shadows.

     One moonlit evening, the beasts come for her, yet instead of meeting death, Celine is saved by a fearsome wolf. As Celine and her wolf develop an unlikely companionship, she begins to suspect the complex creature is more than he appears, and perhaps his fate is inexplicably tied to the kingdom’s curse.

     When a handsome huntsman arrives intent on slaying her protector, Celine must face her fears to save her big bad wolf.

Ebook & Paperback:



Book II: Fractured Moonlight

A Twisted Fairytale

A handsome Huntsman. 

A lost Princess. 

A delicious fairytale romance awaits! 

     Once upon a time, a brutal stranger with eerie glowing eyes abducted a princess. The king and queen pursued every clue, but were left to mourn the loss of their eldest daughter and seek solace in their remaining child, Cat. Heartbroken, and terrified of losing her as well, they kept the younger princess safely locked within the palace walls. 

     Twenty years later, Cat struggles to become a perfect princess, even as her heart secretly longs for freedom. When her upcoming betrothal is announced, Cat rebels, fleeing in hopes of at least one adventure before accepting her royal fate. 

     Sir Arawn, famed-huntsman-turned-reluctant-knight, would rather spend his days hunting monsters than in royal service. But at the personal request of his king, the handsome rogue agrees to search for the runaway princess. On his journey, Arawn encounters a ginger-haired lass whose red-hot temper is matched only by her fiery passion. A woman who challenges his patience, honor, and royal responsibilities. The huntsman is torn between his promise to find the errant princess, and his increasing desire to remain at the captivating beauty’s side. 

Release date: September 13, 2023

Pre-Order Now:


Book III: Splintered Moonlight

A Twisted Fairytale

The epic conclusion to the

USA Today bestselling

Fairy Tales by Moonlight series!

     Reunite with Sir Arawn and Princess Cat for a delicious fairy tale romance!

     After learning her kidnapped sister is alive, Cat embarks on a dangerous quest into the darkest corner of the realm to find her. However, the risk is greater than she knows, placing not only herself but the kingdom’s very fate at stake.

     Traveling steadfastly by her side, Sir Arawn is determined to face whatever threats may befall the woman who has captured his heart. Together they traverse a poisoned landscape filled with menacing creatures, long corrupted by the dark magics infecting the once lush terrain.

     Yet their greatest threat lies not with the monsters plaguing the forest, but in a hidden tower, where a man with eerie glowing eyes awaits. A man who has a plan of his own for the brave Princess Cat and the sister she seeks to save.

     Will Cat and Arawn find their happily ever after, or will their love splinter beneath the light of a cursed moon?


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